Weight Loss –Holistic Health Care Helps You a Lot

Cortisol is a steroid hormone which plays important role for your body to function properly. It is produced by the adrenal glands when something happens stressful. Actually it is released to reinstate the homeostasis. On the other hand, presence of this hormone can increase the amount of visceral fat. As a result abdominal fat will be increased. All this is happening just because of stressfulness. One of the best solutions to take care of this illness is taking from Holistic Health Care. Hope you are well aware of this concept. If you already know “What is holistic health” then you must not have to face any difficulty managing stress and fatigue.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and you go for exercise regularly, then you must be able to lose your weight. Healthy diet in accordance with the techniques of stress management  will certainly work out for weight loss.  There are different kinds of factors that may increase the level of Cortisol and these factors may include Caffeine, exhaustion, deprivation of sleep, trauma, etc. To reduce the level of Cortisol you may practice meditation, holistic stress management, smiling, laughing, Omega 3, Black Tea, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Why Thailand makes the ideal location for health retreats


A health retreat is a place that one can visit with the intentions of not only relaxing and leaving the stresses of every day life behind but also of rejuvenating the mind and body in order to leave feeling re-energized and clear minded. There are many different kinds of health retreat, which each specialise or focus on a different area of health or mental well being. Some of the best health retreats and resorts can be found in Thailand and there are a number of reasons for why Thailand makes the ideal location for such an experience.


First of all the more peaceful, beautiful and serene your surroundings are, the better you will be able to focus the mind and allow your worries to float away. Thailand certainly ticks this box and the white beaches of the islands in the South are some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Another reason to head to Thailand for your health retreat is that the Buddhist culture contributes to the expertise and experience that they have regarding meditation, yoga, massage and alterative therapies. The climate, the stunning tropical and the laid back lifestyle all make this the ideal place for a health retreat.


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What is Holistic health care?




Low intensity cardio workouts may not work


Many fitness experts recommend long, low intensity workouts to help you lose weight and many people seem to buy into the idea that longer workouts will be more effective, especially when the hit a plateau.  During lower intensity workouts, energy to the muscles comes from aerobic burning of fats.  At higher intensity, the body is less able to deliver oxygen and the energy must be supplied through anaerobic metabolism.  Anaerobic metabolism mainly burns carbohydrates to supply energy.  Higher intensity workouts also build muscle, which continue to burn calories long after the workout is over.  Some experts estimate that the muscles continue to burn extra calories as much as 72 hours post-workout.  Functional training with explosive exercises can help not only burn calories, it can help build strength, flexibility and stability, helping with the kinds of movements we do every day.


That’s not to say low intensity workouts are completely useless.  They are a great way to begin for someone with an injury, someone who is very overweight, or someone who has led a sedentary lifestyle.  If you fit in this category, schedule rest intervals, as overtraining will not get you to your goal any faster, and be prepared to step up the intensity of your workout, not the duration, when your results start to taper off.  Consider including plyometric exercises such as high speed jumps, squat jumps, skipping and box jumps to burn extra fat.